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Pinhawk SLH Hybrids

Pinhawk SLH Hybrids

Pinhawk HSL Hybrid Assembly Instructions These hybrids are assembled differently from all other hybrids we carry because the head weights stay the same throughout the set. So you have only two key differences in assembly: 1. Tip trim the shaft, regardless if the head is a #4, #9 or SW as if it were a #7-iron 2. Cut the butt end to length as if were a 7-iron. If someone orders a set +1/2”, then make that length ½” over your standard #7-iron length FOR ALL CLUBS IN THE SET. 3. Remember that graphite shafts are typically assembled ½” longer than steel lengths to adjust for swingweight. Make sure to double check your length chart before cutting to final length to avoid a costly mistake. When you get done, all clubs will be the exact same length with the only change being the loft. This should make assembling these hybrids easier than normal.

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